Wednesday, October 11, 2017

We Can´t Play With Friends in FIFA 18 Switch Version

We already had the opportunity to test FIFA 18 on our consoles for 2 weeks. Some people are doing it on PC, others on PS4 and Xbox One and there are others that are doing it on the new Nintendo console, although this version is not complete.

For a couple of months, EA had told us that the version of FIFA 18 in Nintendo Switch would be somewhat limited in power and content (you can check the article we made about content that would not be present in this console).

However, until this week we have learned that FIFA 18 in Switch does not allow us to play with our friends. That's right, something as simple as connecting online to enjoy a game with our friends is not possible. The tedious times of Wii return, where we had to point a ridiculously long number to be able to add our friends so that later we could not connect to play with them.

In this situation, different portals dedicated to video games decided to contact EA to clarify this situation, however, EA only said: "FIFA 18 in Switch offers seasons in local network for friends to play between two consoles in close proximity one of the other, and we invite those who want to compete online to take advantage of Switch online modes like FIFA Ultimate Team and seasons and multiplayer tournaments. "

As you can see, it is a very generic and meaningless response. He does not give us any explanation about this situation. Nor does it tell us if it will solve it or if Nintendo Switch will run out of online mode between friends. Well, the good news is we still can buy FUT 18 Coins from online stores with cheap price.